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In 2011 Craig and Pinky started their entrepreneurial journey at the San Francisco Street Food Festival. Though they had not gone through the typical training Small Business Incubator programs, they were able to take a singular concept (a specialty waffle) and turn that into a thriving catering business. After 13 years in the Business Owner Space (2 recessions, a flupocalypse and many lessons) we have a system for acquiring, growing, and maintaining a customer base that is agnostic. It will work with food, service, or any other product. If you are an entrepreneur, or a small business owner looking to take that next step, this could be the system that will allow you to achieve the "freedom" you sought when you first began your journey. 

Let us help you build your generational wealth and attain your financial freedom.

Let’s Work Together

1933 Davis Street, Unit 258

San Leandro, CA 94577

Tel: 510.355.6193

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